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We’re pleased to be sharing our first issue of the new year – and wishing you a very healthy and prosperous 2014! With the first week of January now behind us, many of our clients have found themselves eagerly making plans for the year ahead; putting the actions in place that will allow for record business performance over the next 12 months.


One area of planning many business owners commonly overlook, and where we wanted to share timely information in today’s article, is regarding their taxes.  Our resource in this issue, “Tax Changes for 2014: A Checklist”, will ensure that as we begin a new year, you are up to date on the latest tax changes (and how they may affect you). To review the checklist, you can click here.


You may find that numerous colleagues are also conducting their own planning for the year ahead, and also considering their upcoming tax returns. For those you know seeking additional guidance and information in their planning process – please do pass along this newsletter to your peers and contacts; as your referrals are always most appreciated.


We look forward to continuing to serve you over the course of this year, and would be pleased to assist with any of your accounting and tax needs in 2014!