1. Create a Systematic System or a moving key.  Label each of your boxes with a number, then write down the contents of that box next to its corresponding number on the moving key.  This way every item that will move from your current home to your new home will go in a numbered box and can be located on the corresponding list on the moving key.
  2. Declutter your pantry by emptying it shelf by shelf.
  3. The basement maybe the area that has been used as “dump station.” Take a long hard look and take what is essential to you, and remember that saving your most special items is not the same as saving everything.
  4. Declutter your garage in the same manner as your basement. Use boxes to help sort what you are taking with you, what to throw out, and what you will give away. Don’t forget to label the “keep” box with a number, and add the contents to your moving key.  
  5. Closets – declutter your closets as you pack. A good tip is to weed out, on an annual basis, that which you no longer wear: donate or toss. Use large plastic containers to pack off-season items.  Label those containers as well and add to your moving key.