March 2024

A Monumental Shift or Business as Usual?

Tales of a Seasoned Broker As if there wasn’t enough in the news for us to read about this week, somehow Realtors and residential real estate made front page news when the National Association of Realtors, the largest trade group of real estate agents in the country, settled a lawsuit with a group of  buyers…

Things are Heating Up

Tales of a Seasoned Broker The temperature wasn’t the only thing rising this week. We took an in depth look at the numbers and indicators for the very early days of the spring market and, incredibly, prices are continuing to climb higher. In three of the categories we used to gauge current home pricing, each…


Tales of a Seasoned Broker Over the years I have gone into many  homes and, like it or not, I am usually left with a  strong impression by the time I leave. Neat homes, disorganized homes, smelly homes and fresh homes.  How could the owners be anything other than a reflection of the upkeep of…

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