September 2023

The 3,000 Year Old Loan on my Sukkah

Tales of a Seasoned Broker Many of  our country’s major business publications have spilled much ink stressing the likelihood that  higher interest rates are not simply  a passing phase. These rates appear destined to become a permanent fixture in the American real estate market.  The impact of this development will surely further an already existing…

A Home for the Holidays

Tales of a Seasoned Broker I recently heard a heartwarming story of a simple man living in Jerusalem.* Every morning after prayers he would return home to his wife to share a cup of warm “sachlav” and then promptly set out for his job at the dry cleaners in the center of town. After exchanging…

A New Year and a New Normal Emerges

Tales of a Seasoned Broker At the beginning of this year there was much speculation as to how the prior 6 months of interest rate hikes would affect the housing market and, in particular, how it would impact the coveted, traditionally strong, spring market. At that time the number of listings in our area were…

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