August 2023

Does Your Home Need a Sniff Test?

Tales of a Seasoned Broker Our homes were made to be lived in. I’m not saying this because I believe there’s something wrong with going on a two week vacation with your family, in fact, take me with you. You just need to make sure your home is in proper form before leaving especially if…

A Return To Normalcy as the “ Would be” or “Should be” Sellers Remain Comfortably in their Homes

Tales of a Seasoned Broker Depending on your tolerance for unstructured time, plus the number of children under your direct care, these last two weeks of summer tend to elicit strong, visceral emotions from many of my clientele.  The summer camps will be saying their final goodbyes sending thousands of children back to their homes…

Is Teaneck a Beach Town?

Tales of a Seasoned Broker I have no documented proof other than my memory, but the Boro Park of my youth in the summers of the 1960’s seemed to be just another beach town. My friends and I would finish class (or not), head to Meal Mart, pick up some BBQ chicken and knishes, stop…

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