June 2023

This Market Can Only Be Described As Intense

Tales of a Seasoned Broker With the summer solstice occurring just days ago, camp trunks well on their way to the mountains and July 4th BBQ preparations already in the works, it’s safe to say that we are no longer in the Spring market. In years past summer time would herald a slowing of activity…

Cloudy With a Chance Of Orange

Tales of a Seasoned Broker Many of the homes we currently live in have celebrated their 100th birthday and beyond.  That’s one hundred years of heavy rain and wind storms, one hundred years of blizzards, one hundred years of hot, hazy and humid summer heat. These homes have really lived through everything. I can remember…

 Taxes and Teaneck

Tales of a Seasoned Broker For those readers who own real estate in Teaneck you have by now received a letter informing you that the town is going to reassess the value of all of the municipality’s homes.  There are many questions surrounding this process and why it is happening now.  While I cannot answer…

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