June 2021

Setting the Record Straight

TALES OF SEASONED BROKER The number one question I am asked upon showing a house, after, of course the asking price, is how much are the Real Estate taxes. After all, most buyers when considering what they can afford view the price through the lens of their monthly carrying costs. This would be your mortgage…

The Summer Market

TALES OF SEASONED BROKER With Memorial day behind us and the finishing touches being placed on most of our summer plans, many of my customers are asking what to expect from the coming “summer market.”  In general I have always felt that the Real Estate market in Bergen County is 4 seasons long and other…

Bungalow Colony in Teaneck?

TALES OF SEASONED BROKER We have now entered that time of year when all attention shifts towards summer planning. If you pay attention while walking through the aisles of the local grocery stores you can learn more about what to do than calling a travel agent.  “What are the latest rules for entry into Israel,”…

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