September 2017

Flip, Rent, or Hold? What’s the best path to real estate riches?

From BY CLARE TRAPASSO Maybe you’re addicted to those home-flipping shows on HGTV where glam couples buy grim shacks, spend 22 minutes smashing down walls and adding funky kitchen backsplashes, and then make tens of thousands selling the refurbished places on the open market. Or perhaps you’re jonesing for a steady stream of extra income…

9 Bold and Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Designs

From BY JENNIFER GEDDES Backsplash—it’s the design detail that can take your kitchen from blah to beautiful. Of course, at its core, a backsplash is meant to be functional—a protective backboard to catch spills and prevent stains behind your stove or sink. But it’s also a blank canvas just waiting for your personal stamp. And boy, are homeowners having fun…

14 Sneaky Staging Tips for Selling a Small Home

From BY STEPHANIE BOOTH These days it seems like everybody wants a tiny house. But what if your home isn’t adorably tiny? What if it’s just sadly small? Don’t worry—it’s not your square footage that matters most; it’s how you present it. Even if you’re tight on space, you can fool buyers into thinking things are bigger…

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