July 2017

‘Property Brothers’: How to Whip Up a Bidding War

From BY LISA JOHNSON MANDELL “Property Brothers: Buying & Selling” stars Jonathan and Drew Scott know plenty about how to survive and thrive in a seller’s market—in which sellers have the upper hand because buyer demand is high and bidding wars are sparked. “Nobody likes bidding wars when they’re the buyer, but everybody likes them when they’re the seller,” says…

7 Home-Staging Ideas You Can DIY

From BY JENNIFER GEDDES Home staging can seem like a magical process—transforming your cluttered, uninspired bungalow into a dream home that instantly inspires multiple offers. A professional stager will have knowledge on the most desirable design trends and bring stylish furniture and accessories to transform your home. But if your budget doesn’t accommodate this oft-pricey service,…

6 Shocking Things Your Home Inspector Won’t Check

From BY LISA KAPLAN GORDON Home inspectors are quite thorough. Before you buy a house, they’ll scrutinize things you never thought to look at in your many walk-throughs, from cracks in stucco to how well the toilet flushes. In fact, their checklists include over 1,600 features, all with the goal of helping you decide whether the home is in good enough shape…

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