May 2017

4 Signs Your Real Estate Comps Are Fooling You About Your Home’s Value

From BY CATHIE ERICSON Unlike most things we buy in life, homes don’t come with a sticker price. Sure, the real estate listing may say the price of the home is $320,000, but that’s just a starting point. Buyers can—and should—offer more or less money for the house based on something called real estate comps, short for…

In it to Win it: Land Your Dream Home by Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes

from BY CATHIE ERICSON You’ve seen every house on the market and you’ve finally found the spot you can’t wait to call home. In fact, you’ve mentally decorated it and planned your new life, down to the barbecues and block parties you’ll have with your awesome new neighbors. Sweet! Slow down there, dear buyer. As…

How to Sell a House: 4 New Rules That Can Make or Break a Sale

From BY DANIEL BORTZ These days, knowing how to sell a house isn’t as simple as sticking a “For Sale” sign on your lawn. Times have changed—and the good news is the market is largely tilting in your favor. “It’s undeniably a seller’s market,” says Linda Sanderfoot, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker in Neenah, WI….

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