February 2017

Tax Benefits of Owning a Home: Do you know them all?

From BY MARGARET HEIDENRY The joys of homeownership are many: Your own house is a place to make sweet memories, build a financial nest egg, and whittle down your tax bill. Wait, what? Yep, it’s true: Your home can save you a bundle on April 15. We’ve rounded up every last way to take…

Investing in Real Estate with your IRA

From BY ROBYN A. FRIEDMAN Real estate can fund your retirement—but brace yourself for lots of risk and rules. Self-directed individual retirement accounts allow people to diversify their investments into assets other than the traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds that make up most retirement plans. Examples of alternative investments include real estate, precious…

How to Create Your Home’s Color Scheme

From BY KATIE AND JEREMY BOWER of BOWER POWER Have you ever been invited to a painting party? Yes? No? Well, if you’ve never attended this event of a lifetime, let me explain. Friends buy their dream house. They’re ready to move in. But first, they send out a painting party invitation to their…

7 Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle in February

From BY LISA GORDON Spring might be around the corner, but February can still bring plenty of harsh winter weather. Some of the harshest of the season, in fact. So that makes this month the perfect time to knock out some more of those indoor tasks to get your home ready for warmer times….

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