January 2017

3 Hot Reasons to Move During the Winter

From BY ANGELA COLLEY If moving in the dead of winter (or, really, doing anything other than wearing a Snuggie and watching Netflix) doesn’t sound ideal, we don’t blame you. The kids are in school.  The days are short and…

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7 Design Resolutions to Start 2017 on the Right Foot

From revamping your closet to turning your bath into a spa, these are the projects to tackle in the New Year From BY JENNIFER FERNANDEZ If, like most Americans, the weight of 2016 has put you in the emotional…

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Feng Shui? These design tips are just good sense.

From BY JAMIE WIEBE Feng shui might seem like outdated superstition to nonbelievers, but here’s the reality: Most of it is really nothing more than good design sense. Long before we were blessed with HGTV, homeowners still had some ancient guidelines for making…

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