October 2016

When Getting Organized Goes Wrong

BY ELIZABETH LILLY   It’s time. You’re getting organized. Finally. Kudos on making the smart homeowner choice, but don’t get too self-congratulatory while you’re still in the IKEA parking lot. Organization is about giving everything the right place (sometimes the donation bin), and while that sounds straightforward, it’s pretty easy to choose the wrong places,…

How to Create a Warm, Modern Space

From Architectural    Photo by Michel Arnaud The go-to designers for Daniel Boulud, Oscar de la Renta, and more share their advice BY HADLEY KELLER What do couturier Oscar de la Renta, chef Andrew Carmellini, and hotel giant the Four Seasons have in common? All have commissioned New York–based design firm Meyer Davis to…

What Are Comps? A Way to Pin the Right Price on a Home

From BY JULIE RYAN EVANS Homes are unlike the majority of other things people buy in that the price isn’t set in stone. Sure, the listing might include an “asking price,” but as this term suggests, that’s just a request rather than a hard, unwavering demand. And that’s why comps are so important. So what exactly are comps? Short for…

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