September 2016

What Do Realtors Look for When It’s Their Turn to Buy

From BY DONA DEZUBE One house you’re looking at has the wraparound porch you’ve fantasized about, but it’s on a high-traffic street. The condo you like has a doorman in the lobby (finally you can become an Amazon Prime member!), but it has no dedicated parking. What to choose? It’s not every day that…

The Smart Home Features That Are Really Taking Off

From BY CLARE TRAPASSO Remote-controlled window shades, voice-activated TVs, and door bells with high-quality video were once limited to sci-fi novels, Hollywood movies, and TV shows like “The Jetsons.” But the future has arrived, and more tech-savvy homeowners are installing smart home technology. Color-changing lightbulbs, anyone? Nearly half of homeowners renovating their pads are adding new…

Home Staging Ideas for Your Basement

From BY JENNIFER KELLY GEDDES Your basement may not seem like an obvious room to pretty up, but it’s a must—particularly if you’re trying to sell and want to dabble in some home staging ideas to make your place stand out. Trust us, buyers will definitely poke their heads down in this cold, dark place. So, imagine their pleasant…

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