April 2016

The Truth Behind Those Historic Home Renovations

From Image by Jim Bartsch/Alen Construction BY ANGELA COLLEY So you watched another home improvement show and saw another perfectly-modern-and-still-perfectly-historic home renovation. It is gorgeous. It is flawless. It has a kitchen you can actually cook in. Oh, be…

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How to Keep Kid Stuff From Taking Over Your Home

From Image by Pixdeluxe/iStock BY LISA JOHNSON MANDELL The effect of kids on a house is something like that of a small tornado. Or worse: a small tornado/tsunami/earthquake/fusion explosion, perhaps? Toys are everywhere, something unrecognizable that got smashed to bits last…

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6 Deck Renovations that Really Pay Off

From BY MARGARET HEIDENRY If there’s one thing that unites this great country—especially once the weather starts getting warmer and barbecue season gets ever so tantalizingly closer—it is our passionate, even obsessive love for our outdoor decks. Truth be told,…

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The Most Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes

From BY JAMIE WIEBE Once there’s even a glimmer of spring, you’re ready to throw open your windows and let the breeze blow away the winter funk. Well, you might want to rethink that spring cleaning ritual this year.…

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How to Spot the Top Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide

From BY ELISE SOLE Whether you’re a seasoned house hunter or a first-time buyer, the process of purchasing a home has plenty of pitfalls. And while you may assume that sellers are being upfront, it’s not uncommon for them…

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Did You Sell Your Home After Making Improvements?

Keeping track of the cost of capital improvements to your home can really pay off on your tax return when it comes time to sell. It’s no secret that finishing your basement will increase your home’s value. What you may…

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How to Sell Your Home ASAP

From BY ELISE SOLE Selling a home can often take months, even years. So what if you have to unload your home in, say, two weeks? It can happen: Whether you need to relocate for a new job, to…

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6 New Home Design Ideas That Will Make You a Trendsetter

From BY JAMIE WIEBE When it comes to home décor and design, we’ve covered it all: We’ve discussed the trends that are hopelessly outdated, the ones that are the tackiest, and even the looks that had a good run but are on their way…

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