March 2016

15 Awesome Things to Do this Spring in Bergen County

From Number 1: Read this list. Number 2: Have fun! Number 3: See numbers 1 and/or 2. It’s that simple! After all, there’s nothing quite like a new season (not to mention better weather) to usher in new feelings of energy, spontaneity, and unbridled joy. Ready to get in on the action? Here are…

5 Secrets Your Contractor Doesn’t Want You to Know

From Image courtesy of Sara B. @ The Fat Hydrangea BY OLIVER MARKS You think of your contractor as an ally and partner — but he’s a primarily a businessman who may not reveal all. Here’s how to level the playing field. You’ve asked friends to recommend great contractors, picked your favorite, checked references…

10 Simple Design Tricks to Welcome Spring

From BY JAMIE WIEBE Was that a flower bud you saw when you left the house for work this morning? A yellow tulip daring to grow? Is it—no way—actually, finally spring? If your living room is still full of the furry pillows and emerald velvet throws that felt so glam yet cozy in the winter months, then…

Keep Your Kids Happy During a Remodel

From BY JAMIE WIEBE Your 3-year-old hasn’t slept through the night in two weeks. And you’ve just gotten a second note from your daughter’s first-grade teacher about disruptive behavior and missed homework. You’re so frazzled you forgot to brush your teeth this morning. That’s when you ask yourself, “Is this remodel worth it?” Given…

4 Ways to Add Style and Function to Your Yard

Homeowners wow with clever DIY outdoor projects on a budget. From BY DEIRDRE SULLIVAN No doubt, exterior upgrades like adding a wood deck or installing new garage door offer great return on investment that’s worth the cash outlay. But these four blogger projects will ratchet up your curb appeal for a lot less money….

Channel Your Inner Investigator When House Hunting

This house-hunting checklist gives you carte blanche (well, almost) when viewing potential homes. Ah, house hunting. It may technically be shopping, but it can feel more like breaking and entering. Even though you know the seller wants you there, does anyone really want you traipsing through their bedroom? Or looking through their closet? Or digging…

Everything You Should Know When Buying Rugs

From BY BRIE DYAS From area rug sizes to materials, we asked designers to break down this surprisingly tricky purchase. Choosing a rug … it’s as simple as picking a color or pattern. Sounds easy, right? But then the area rug size isn’t right and the fibers shed more than your favorite four-legged friend….

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